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Simplify your medication routine with this free service provided by Lewis Pharmacy. Medications are pre-sorted into daily, color-coded pill packs, eliminating the need for bottles. Ideal for anyone on many medications, SmartPack ensures dosing accuracy and is perfect for busy days. Get organized, stay on track, and make one monthly trip to the pharmacy with SmartPack - your effective medication system.

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Simplify Your Prescription

  • 28-day supply in easy-to-use weekly cards
  • Dated rows for dosing accuracy
  • Color-coded for morning, noon, evening, and bedtime
  • Clearly labeled for easy identification
  • Identify missed doses
  • Easy tear-off rows for on-the-go

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MedDrop Box

We partner with the State Board of Pharmacy and Assured Waste Solutions' MedDrop Program. Safely dispose of expired, unused, and unwanted medications, including pet meds, in DEA-approved vaults. We don't accept trash, sharps, or hazardous waste. South Dakota and Iowa locations have MedDrop Boxes. Proper disposal helps protect the community and environment.


At Lewis, we are committed to promoting health and wellness in the community, which is why we sponsor a variety of special services. These services include health screenings such as blood pressure checks and diabetes screenings, as well as vaccinations to keep you up-to-date on important immunizations. With our dedication to providing exceptional care, we aim to empower individuals to take charge of their well-being and lead healthier lives.

  • Free Blood Pressure Checks and consultation by a pharmacist.
  • Diabetes Screening for elevated risk detection.
  • Medication Reviews to understand and optimize prescriptions.
  • Immunizations, including flu, shingles, pneumonia, and Tdap vaccines.
  • Glucose Meter Training for proper usage guidance.
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Prescription Refills

Visit our Prescription Refills page to discover the easiest ways to refill your medications. Whether you prefer the convenience of refilling online, using the RxLocal app, or utilizing the SmartSync service, we have options tailored to your needs. Don't miss out on the seamless and hassle-free prescription refills available at Lewis – explore now and simplify your medication management.

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