RxLocal App

Filling prescriptions with Lewis through the app offers benefits like timely reminders, hassle-free refills, and the ability to manage multiple medications seamlessly. Download the app for iPhone or Android to take control of your health and medication needs with ease.

Other Ways to Refill Your Prescriptions

In addition to the mobile app, Lewis offers various ways to refill your prescriptions. You can use our website and call or visit your local Lewis pharmacy. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you manage your medications with ease.

Prescription Refills
A hand holds a phone with the Lewis App on it.

Don't Forget about the Lewis App

Along with the RxLocal app, you can also download the Lewis app to save on household goods and other items through coupons, deals, and rewards. Take advantage of these convenient apps to manage your medications on the go and explore the fantastic savings opportunities available at Lewis. Learn more and start saving today.

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