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Facebook Pet Contest

Enter to win a free $25 Lewis Gift Card for your pet! Plus, your pet’s picture will be featured in a future Lewis ad. Simply upload your pet’s photo and name to our weekly Facebook post and a winner will be chosen. To see if you’ve won, make sure you watch future Lewis weekly ads.

Below are past winners! Congratulations!

2023 Winners

Ruby, Pet of Eva Marie Hanson

03.29.23 Ad Winner

Tinner, Pet of Alex Andersen

03.22.23 Ad Winner

Rylee, Pet of Sandy Dierks

03.15.23 Ad Winner

Asher, Pet of Joanna Meyers

03.08.23 Ad Winner

Ruby, Pet of Brianna Dose

03.01.23 Ad Winner

Maverick, Pet of Jody Hoffman

02.22.23 Ad Winner

Reese, Rocco, and Rex, Pets of Darcy Ideker

02.15.23 Ad Winner

Teddy, Pet of Linda Elfring Helgeson

02.08.23 Ad Winner

Tex, Pet of Savannah Medenwald

02.01.23 Ad Winner

Gibbs & Gracie, Pets of Kristen Phipps

01.25.23 Ad Winner

Diggs, Pet of Margaret Bartels

01.18.23 Ad Winner

Sammy, Pet of Mikela Seager Iverson

01.11.23 Ad Winner

Dakota, Pet of Vicki Greene

01.04.23 Ad Winner

2022 Winners

Mozzi & Lotus, Pets of Kate Stock

12.28.22 Ad Winner

Jovi, Pet of Maryls Buchheim

12.21.22 Ad Winner

Bailey, Pet of Kristy Sveeggen

12.14.22 Ad Winner

S'more, Pet of Rhianna Cantine

12.7.22 Ad Winner

Riggins, Pet of Kylie Garness

11.30.22 Ad Winner

Winston, Pet of Katie Underwood

11.23.22 Ad Winner

Tommy, Pet of Lisa Patrick Berry

11.16.22 Ad Winner

Yakul, Pet of Laura Shaw Warren

11.09.22 Ad Winner

Maverick, Pet of Anna Opsahl

11.02.22 Ad Winner

Luna & Maize, Pet of Andrew Albert Graham

10.26.22 Ad Winner

Piper, Pet of Paige Wright

10.19.22 Ad Winner

Daisy, Pet of Kyndi Heiser

10.12.22 Ad Winner

Penny, Pet of Carmen Kastens

10.05.22 Ad Winner

Walter, Pet of Jen Kriens Miller

09.28.22 Ad Winner

Piper, Pet of Molly Hamman

09.21.22 Ad Winner

Dale, Pet of Andrew Jacey Meier

09.14.22 Ad Winner

Kona, Pet of Kaylee Shotkoski

09.07.22 Ad Winner

Gertrude, Pet of Ashley Kelly

08.31.22 Ad Winner

Jaxx, Pet of Bona Ellis

08.24.22 Ad Winner

Jack, Pet of Melissa Berg

08.17.22 Ad Winner

Gus, Pet of Mary Gert

08.10.22 Ad Winner

Bernie and Theo, Pets of Cady Falken

08.03.22 Ad Winner

Sundance, Pet of Nancy Sannerud

07.27.22 Ad Winner

Maggie, Pet of Abby Fullerton Halter

07.20.22 Ad Winner

Leia, Pet of Amanda Jo Robb

07.13.22 Ad Winner

Sammy, Pet of Teri Erdahl Bierstedt

07.06.22 Ad Winner

Lola, Pet of Nichole Marie

06.29.22 Ad Winner

Gus and Dakota, Pets of Missy Price

06.22.22 Ad Winner

Theo, Pet of Mary Woolheater

06.15.22 Ad Winner

Micah, Pet of Alissa Lillebo

06.08.22 Ad Winner

Henry, Pet of Jen Voss

06.01.22 Ad Winner

Ella, Pet of Deb Boyd

5.25.22 Ad Winner

Bailey and Sage, Pets of Crystal Marie

05.18.22 Ad Winner

Jr and Millie, Pet of Amber Hodkinson

05.11.22 Ad Winner

Prowler, Pet of Ashley Beth

05.04.22 Ad Winner

Carlie, Pet of Jamie Buckley

04.27.22 Ad Winner

Sock, Pet of Mary Noteboom

04.20.22 Ad Winner

Lenny, Pet of Mesa Scott

04.13.22 Ad Winner

Olive & Hazel, Pet of Allison Otta

04.06.22 Ad Winner

Tank, Pet of Michelle Jorgensen-Wormstadt

03.30.22 Ad Winner

Gladiator, Pet of Lori Lee

3.23.22 Ad Winner

Lyric and Melody, Pets of Teresa Hartl

03.16.22 Ad Winner

Sadie, Pet of Abbie Strasser

03.09.22 Ad Winner

Chester, Pet of Michael Russell

03.02.22 Ad Winner

Jerzie, Pet of Kay Loy

02.23.22 Ad Winner

Milo & Snickers, Pet of Nicole Haas Saue

02.16.22 Ad Winner

Lando, Pet of Jenn Kriens Miller

02.09.22 Ad Winner

Hobbes, Pet of Makenzi Chamley

02.02.22 Ad Winner

Karen, Pet of Angela Miles

01.26.22 Ad Winner

Simon, Pet of Kim Wendt Johnson

01.19.22 Ad Winner

Penny, Pet of Emily Ann

01.12.22 Ad Winner

Tedsy, Pet of Cindy Autry

01.05.22 Ad Winner

2021 Winners

Memphis, Pet of Hannah Bulato

12.29.21 Ad Winner

Pinball and Cheddar, Pets of Tammy Wierenga

12.22.21 Ad Winner

Luna, Pet of Jaidyn Rollins

12.15.21 Ad Winner

Ruby and Tate, Pets of Dana Burger Sieck

12.08.21 Ad Winner

Leia, Pet of Nicole Conklin Gregor

12.01.21 Ad Winner

Niner, Pet of Tayler Breuer

11.24.21 Ad Winner

Walter, Pet of Deeanna Daggett

11.17.21 Ad Winner

Mocha, Pet of Chanda L. Walter

11.10.21 Ad Winner

Raven, Pet of Rhonda Lockwood

11.03.21 Ad Winner

Kota, Pet of Jacee Johnson

10.27.21 Ad Winner

Bellatrix, Pet of Katelyn Hanson

10.20.21 Ad Winner

Gus, Pet of Heather Sweeney

10.13.21 Ad Winner

Ozzy & Pippi, Pets of Denise Ohling

10.06.21 Ad Winner

Ramses, Pet of Teresa Hartl

09.29.21 Ad Winner

Rosie, Pet of Shaley Jepsen

09.22.21 Ad Winner

Mabel, Pet of Michelle Brunsvig

09.15.21 Ad Winner

Gus, Pet of Taryn Califano

09.08.21 Ad Winner

Buzz, Pet of Jennifer Joan

09.01.21 Ad Winner

Bailey, Pet of Nathan Van Peursem

08.25.21 Ad Winner

Mozzie, Pet of Jordan Johnson-Sitzmann

08.18.21 Ad Winner

Maverick, Pet of Shauna Vis Sperle

08.11.21 Ad Winner

Matilda the Magnificent, Pet of Lisa Kubly Weier

08.04.21 Ad Winner

Rose & Duke, Pet of Freddi Stroeh

7.28.21 Ad Winner

Karma, Pet of Karen Franken

7.21.21 Ad Winner

Gus, Pet of Shari Moerke

07.14.21 Ad Winner

Oggy, Pet of Cari Hanzel

07.07.21 Ad Winner

Frank, Pet of Lindsey Christine

06.30.21 Ad Winner

Bela Lu-Gosi, Pet of Kristen Johnson

06.23.21 Ad Winner

Vinny, Pet of Karen Young-Hofer

06.16.21 Ad Winner

Romeo, Pet of Alecia Bingham

06.09.21 Ad Winner
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