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Giving Plants a Mid-Summer Boost

Lawn & Garden

By July, many plants start showing a little wear and tear. Giving your plants a little more life is often as easy as taking care of a few dead blooms and dry leaves. Keep your plants healthy through the end of summer by following these three simple steps.

Step 1

Prune plants by deadheading. Remove the heads of old, dead blossoms. For some plants you can simply pull them off, but for others (like geraniums), you’ll need to cut part of the stem down. This ensures the plant sends its energy to new blossoms.

Step 2

Prune other damaged, dry areas. Make sure you cut back the damaged stems to the point where they’re still alive. A good rule of thumb is to cut back to a double leaf.

Step 3

Continue to water as needed, and fertilize every 1.5 to 2 weeks. At Lewis, we use Miracle Gro Bloom Boost to keep our plants healthy throughout the summer months.

For blossoms beyond repair, you can change up your planters, switching to plants that thrive in heat like marigolds, sweet potato vine or purple fountain grass.

Shopping list:

  • Garden gloves
  • Pruning scissors
  • Fertilizer (like Miracle Gro Bloom Boost)
  • Summer annuals (marigolds, sweet potato vine, purple fountain grass and others)

Visit your nearest Lewis Lawn & Garden center to pick up supplies and talk through your questions with our gardening experts. They’re always ready with helpful tips and insights into the latest trends.

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