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Game Night. Done Right.


Game night is always a winner. It’s a good excuse to get together with family and friends, have a few laughs and make a lot of memories.

We’ve pulled together a few ideas to up the ante and get everyone excited to make your game night a success—and maybe even a new tradition!

And, as always, stop by your neighborhood Lewis to get everything you need.

Set Up A Trail Mix Bar

You can keep it simple with a mix of ready-made snacks. Or, fill muffin tins with a variety of candy, nuts, pretzels, crackers and dried fruit and let everyone create their own trail mix. Add dot stickers to cups to make them look like dice. Not only is it fun, it’s a good way to keep the cups separate. Everyone gets their own number, their own cup and their own custom snack mix! Trail mix not your family’s thing? Try one of the three Crockpot Beer Cheese Dip recipes from our previous blog post.

Make A Trophy

Use what you can find around the house or make one like this with a few simple items from Lewis. It’s a fun way to earn family bragging rights until the next game night!

Collect Devices

Find a bowl or a basket and label it “Family Time.” Have everyone put their electronics inside until the fun is done. You may want to keep this handy for after game night too!

Have Fun

Pick a game everyone loves—or find something new at Lewis. Set everything up and let the fun begin!

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Get the latest offers and updates from Lewis.