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Twinkly Christmas Lights


Twinkly combines colorful RGB LED lights with an impressive variety of levels for brightness, speed, intensity, and color palettes; fully controlled through the Twinkly app on your smartphone and compatible with iOS and Android devices. The powerful mapping tool of the Twinkly app will locate the position of each light and use this innovative technology to perform professional, pixel-perfect designs, patterns, and animations.

Twinkly lights can be synchronized together, up to 4000 lights, to create impressive displays for your home or outside patio. Twinkly lights are sure to brighten your world. 

Featured Products

Twinkly 190 Icicle

With 190 RGB LED lights and 16-ft. of length, Twinkly Icicle lights are perfect for your wall decorations. Download the Twinkly App to create perfect color schemes year-round.

Twinkly 250 Strings

With 250 RBG LED lights and 66-ft. of length, Twinkly Strings can be controlled via app and vocal assistants. Strings can be mapped and each light can be controlled individually.

Twinkly 600 Strings

With 600 RGB LED lights and 157.5-ft. of length, Twinkly string lights go above and beyond the traditional Christmas decoration. Control each light individually for a unique look you won't find anywhere else.
Get the latest offers and updates from Lewis.