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Pharmacy Services

Lewis pharmacies provide more than just refills. Each month we sponsor special health and wellness services, including screenings, vaccinations, blood sugar testing and more.

Free Blood Pressure Checks

Have your blood pressure checked by a pharmacist who can also provide consultation on your readings.

Liver Function Testing

This screening helps detect liver damage by measuring your levels of ALT and AST enzymes.

Blood Sugar Testing

This blood test determines the presence of diabetes.

Hemoglobin A1C Testing

This test evaluates how well a person’s diabetes is controlled.

Medication Reviews

Review your medications with a specially trained pharmacist to understand your medication better and learn ways to save money or simplify your regimen.

Shingles Vaccination

This vaccine requires a prescription from your doctor and can reduce your chance of getting shingles by about 50%.

Flu Vaccination

A yearly vaccination, especially important for those at high risk for complications from the flu.

Glucose Meter Training

A pharmacist will review how to use your glucose meter and go over any questions you have.

Glucose Meter Download and Printout

Receive a printout of your blood sugar from your meter to identify glucose trends to share with your physician.

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