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Lewis Drug Announces Flower Shower

Do you know someone deserving of a beautiful yard this spring and summer?

Maybe it’s someone who might struggle to landscape and plant flowers? Or someone who has gone through a hard time, or given lots back to others, and deserves a special surprise??

Lewis Drug wants to hear from you.

“When you think of lawn and garden in the community, you think of the Lewis garden centers. We want you to know that Lewis is also thinking of you,” said Nikki Griffin, corporate vice president.

As part of our 75th Anniversary Celebration we are launching a new project to give back to the community: Flower Shower.

“We will be ‘showering’ one special member of our community with flowers,” Griffin explained.

Here’s how it works:
1. You nominate a Flower Shower recipient

2. Lewis selects and notifies a winner

3. The Lewis lawn and garden team will craft a “Flower Shower” strategy that best suits the winner’s lifestyle and preferences.

In mid-May, a team of Lewis volunteers will do all the plantings and leave the Flower Shower recipient with aftercare instructions to keep the garden blooming for years to come.

To nominate someone for the Lewis Drug Flower Shower, email flowershower@lewisdrug.com and describe in 250 words or less why the recipient deserves a Flower Shower. Please include the recipient’s name, address and any photos that can help show the possibilities for landscaping around the home.

The deadline to enter is May 6, and the winner will be notified in early May.

Then stay tuned as Lewis Drug shares the winner’s story and shows you each stage of the Flower Shower!

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Official Flower Shower Rules