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Pharmacy Services

Lewis pharmacies provide more than just refills. Each month we sponsor special health and wellness services, including screenings, vaccinations, blood sugar testing and more.

  • Free Blood Pressure Checks
    Have your blood pressure checked by a pharmacist who can also provide consultation on your readings.
  • Diabetes Screening
    A simple blood sugar test can identify if you are at an elevated risk for diabetes.
  • Medication Reviews
    Review your medications with a specially trained pharmacist to understand your medications better and learn ways to save money or simplify your regimen.
  • Immunizations
    Get your yearly flu vaccine at Lewis. Additionally, have a pharmacist ensure you are up-to-date on all immunizations. The shingles, pneumonia and Tdap vaccines can be administered at the pharmacy with a prescription.
  • Glucose Meter Training
    A pharmacist will review how to use your glucose meter and go over any questions you have.

Visit or call a Lewis Pharmacy to make an appointment or get more info on prices and services.

Get the latest offers and updates from Lewis.