All Your Monthly Medications Pre-Sorted into Daily Pill Packs

  • Tired of filling your weekly pill box?
  • Want a portable option for busy days on-the-go?
  • Having trouble keeping track of whether or not you took your medication?
  • Only want one monthly trip to the pharmacy for your medications?

Ask your Lewis Pharmacist about SmartPack. It’s all your monthly medications presorted into daily, easy-to-open packs. All SmartPacks are color-coded for time of day when dosing is needed and monitored and verified by your Lewis Pharmacist. There is no additional fee for SmartPack. This is a free service of Lewis Pharmacy.

  • Each SmartPack card contains medications for seven days and you will receive a 28-day (4 week) supply at each pickup
  • Each row is dated specific to ensure dosing accuracy
  • Separated into color-coded dosing times: morning, noon, evening, and bedtime
  • Across the top is a list of your medications, while every pill pack is labeled with the specific contents
  • Identify missed doses
  • Easy tear-off rows for on-the-go

SmartPack is Ideal for Anyone on Multiple Medications

SmartPack can be used regardless of your age or the number of medications. It’s an easy and effective visual medication reminder system. When a pack is empty, you know you have taken your medication. You can also identify missed doses and easily see how much medication remains. SmartPack is also great for traveling—just tear off the bottom row and carry along.

How Does SmartPack Work?

Your pharmacy and healthcare providers will work to sync your medications, so they can all be filled at the same time. Each SmartPack card contains medications for seven days and you will receive a 28-day (4 week) supply at each pickup. Packs are easy-to-open and clearly marked indicating what is in each dose slot.

Why Should You Get SmartPack?

SmartPack eliminates multiple medication bottles and the need to fill a weekly pill planner. You only open a single dose pack compared to several bottles, and easy-to-read labels tell you what is in each slot. It’s a great visual reminder and can prevent missed doses.

How Much Does SmartPack Cost?

Nothing. SmartPack is a service of Lewis Pharmacy and there is no additional fee.

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