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Stensland Milk Rewards

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Know the Difference, Taste the Difference

    We grow the crops that feed our cows and nurture the cows that produce our milk. Milk is processed every day on our farm.
  • A2 MILK
    Our herd has the A2 protein vs A1, which studies has shown makes it easier to digest. A large portion of Lactose intolerant people have been found to be able to drink our milk because of the A2 protein.
    A slower process that takes more time but allows the “good” enzymes to remain. Our Milk is pasteurized at 145°F for 30 minutes. Unlike most milk, which is Flash-pasteurized (180°F for 15 seconds) or Ultra-pasteurized (at or above 280°F for at least two seconds), we preserve the true flavor, enzymes and pro-biotics naturally found in milk.
    We naturally feed ¬ax meal to our herd. Allowing a natural Omega 3 to be found in our milk without having to ad fish oils at processing.
    We feed our herd non-gmo forage/crops, treat for ailments naturally and use NO growth hormones.

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Get the latest offers and updates from Lewis.