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Your little one has RSV, now what? Lewis Drug explains


By Ashley Thompson

Remember the spring of 2020? Who could forget; with the recommendations to wash your hands frequently, avoid touching others, and stay inside away from the bug that was lurking out there. Well, this is going to sound pretty familiar. Only it’s not just one bug, but three viruses out there-influenza, RSV, and COVID. Only this time COVID might not be the biggest cause for concern if you’ve got a young child at home.

Courtney Feist and Jessica Eckrich are pharmacists at Lewis Drug. They say among three viruses, if there’s a little one in your life, you should probably brush up on RSV.

Which is exactly why they joined us on set today, to give us a lesson in RSV 101.

Whether it’s RSV or whatever ails you, Lewis has been a trusted neighborhood pharmacy and market leader for nearly 80 years. From expert advice and quick refills, to longer hours, and more convenient locations. You can find the neighborhood pharmacy nearest you online at Lewis Drug dot com. Online prescription refills are available through the RX Local app and your local Lewis pharmacists can give you COVID vaccines, flu shots and offer health screenings to keep you on the road to wellness.

Get the latest offers and updates from Lewis.