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Small Tweaks to Make Your Patio Feel Bigger

Lawn & Garden

The right outdoor space can add more livable square footage and value to your home. Whether you have a deck, patio or sprawling backyard, you can follow five quick steps to make your outdoor space feel bigger.

Step 1

Define the purpose. Do you want to use your outdoor space for lounging, cooking, dining – all of the above? Narrowing down a purpose will help you pick the right patio furniture and accessories. If you want the space to serve multiple purposes, consider breaking it up into separate cooking, lounging and dining areas.

Step 2

Create a focal point. Whether it’s a dining table or a wicker sofa, pick one big, high impact piece and make it the focal point of the space. Make sure you put the longest piece of furniture along the longest wall to make the area seem bigger. Accent with small pieces like bistro tables. .

Step 3

Choose colors wisely. Using different shades of the same color can make an area feel larger and more unified. Light colors like white, pastels and citrus shades can also lend a more airy feel. Opt for an outdoor rug with vertical stripes to elongate a narrow space.

Step 4

Invest in storage. Pack away toys, pillows and more with smart outdoor storage. Look for ottomans and other pieces that can double as furniture. Also, consider grills and smokers with additional storage for your essential accessories.

Step 5

Accessorize. Your outdoor area should feel just as comfortable as an indoor one. Soften the space with outdoor pillows in bright colors, side tables, plants, and accessories like Chinese lanterns, strings of lights, and citronella candles. Choose accessories that are at least as large as a cantaloupe to avoid clutter.

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Get the latest offers and updates from Lewis.