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Lawn & Garden Posts

Backyard Bug Busters

Bugs tend to be the most bothersome around dusk, right when people are enjoying dinner or bonfires outside. Don’t let mosquitoes crash your backyard fun. Instead, try these tips to keep the bugs at bay.

How To Clean Your Grill

Extending the life of your grill means protecting and cleaning it regularly. You should give your a grill a thorough cleaning at the beginning and end of grilling season or even more frequently if you use it a lot.

Build A Beautiful Planter: Thriller, Filler and Spiller

​At Lewis, we have planters pre-filled to perfection. But there’s satisfaction in building one yourself, especially if you have a favorite planter you use year after year. Follow these three steps to build a beautiful planter using the Thriller, Filler and Spiller method.

Get the latest offers and updates from Lewis.