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National Immunization Awareness Month


August is National Immunization Awareness Month. As kids head back to school and the calendar gets closer to cold and flu season, it’s a great time to remind family, friends, and coworkers to stay up to date on their shots. Read on to find out why vaccinations are so vitally important to maintaining your health.

Why Vaccinate?

Vaccination is a highly effective, easy way to keep your family healthy. Vaccines help prevent dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases. And even though most people think about vaccines as being just for kids, adults also need to get vaccinated to protect themselves from serious illnesses like the flu, measles, and pneumonia.


On-time vaccination throughout childhood is essential because it helps provide immunity before children are exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases. Vaccines are tested to ensure that they are safe and effective for children to receive at the recommended ages. Establishing good habits throughout childhood, including vaccination and annual doctor’s visits, will also help your child stay healthy as an adult.


If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, vaccination is an important step in keeping you and your baby healthy. During pregnancy, you share everything with your baby. By staying up to date with vaccines before and during pregnancy, you can pass along protection that will help protect your baby from some diseases during the first few months after birth.


While you’re busy keeping your child’s vaccines up to date, don’t forget about yourself. All adults need a flu vaccine every year, before the end of October, as well as a Td vaccine every ten years. Healthy adults 50 years and older should get a shingles vaccine, while adults 65 years or older need one dose of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13) followed by one dose of pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPSV23). Adults may need other vaccines based on health conditions, job, lifestyle, or travel habits. Ask your doctor for more information.

Lewis Makes It Easy

Like many health topics, vaccinations can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are clear recommendations backed by extensive research for every age group. If you have questions, stop by your local Lewis Pharmacy to talk to one of our experts.

And, did you know you can even get vaccinated at Lewis? Your Lewis pharmacist can administer adult vaccinations right at the pharmacy with a prescription from your doctor. It’s just another way the Lewis Pharmacy makes it easy for you to stay up to date on vaccinations, medications and all of your other health needs.

Get the latest offers and updates from Lewis.