Add Flair To Your Holiday Gifts


Add some flair to your holiday gifts this year with these unique wrapping ideas from our friends at American Greetings.

Ballet Gift Bows

To help make your holiday gift-giving even more festive, American Greeting created this pretty ballerina-inspired bow gift wrapping idea to dress up your holiday gifts.

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Tissue Paper Snowman

Looking for the perfect way to dress up a gift for a jolly, happy soul? American Greetings created this simple tissue paper snowman tutorial that you can easily replicate at home with just a few craft materials.

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Santa Belt

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! This holiday season, you may not be slipping sable under the tree, but why not wrap up your Christmas gifts with an American Greetings gift wrapping idea inspired by Mr. Claus himself?

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Snowflake Confetti

The holiday season offers a number of occasions to celebrate! From Hanukkah to winter birthdays, there’s always an occasion just around the corner that need to be recognized in a special way. With that in mind, American Greetings came up with this super cute blue and white snowflake confetti gift wrap tutorial that’s perfect for adding a little something to your Hanukkah gifts.

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How To Tie A Bow

Creating a full and pretty bow to add to a gift can feel like a big challenge for the average person. But don’t worry! American Greetings came up with an easy bow-tying "hack" using a common household item that will have you looking like a professional in no time.

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The Perfect Bow

Dainty gifts tied perfectly with ribbons look amazing under a holiday tree, but what if you aren’t a skilled bow-tier? American Greetings created this easy tutorial that helps you ‘fake it until you make it’ with an absolutely perfect bow that will fit tightly on any gift you have this holiday season. It does require a glue gun, but we assure you that it only takes a few minutes and the results are worth it!

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Tissue Paper Confetti

Merry Christmas! From festive lights to brightly colored ornaments, holiday decorations are quite the sight to behold. To celebrate this season of joy, American Greetings made this fun tissue paper confetti gift wrap tutorial to make your holiday gifts even more festive.

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