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Achoo! Spring Allergy Season Has Sprung


The month of March is when we officially welcome spring and all of the sneezing, stuffy noses and itchy, watery eyes of allergy season. Tree pollen and mold allergies are typically the worst at this time of the year and affect 30 to 60 million Americans. How can you find relief? Here are a few tips from our Lewis Pharmacists that can help relieve the sting of spring.

OTC Medication

You can try an allergy pill, nasal spray or eye drop to help ease your symptoms. Those that contain the stronger decongestant, pseudoephedrine (usually designated with a D), must be purchased at the Lewis Pharmacy counter. However, you do not need a prescription to purchase these medications. Those that do not have pseudoephedrine can be found in our health and beauty department.

If you’re not sure which OTC medication would be best for your symptoms, ask one of our pharmacists—we are always ready to help you feel better. We can also help you save money. Be sure to check out Lewis’ Premier Value brand, it contains the same ingredients as the higher priced national brand named medications.

Keep Windows & Doors Closed

While it’s tempting after a long winter to open up your house and air it out, if you have spring allergies this is not a good idea. Keep the pollen out by keeping the house closed up.

Wash Up

After a nice evening or morning walk, change your clothes and take a shower to wash off any allergens. Leave shoes by the door or outside in a garage if possible.

Drink More Water

Sipping on water will help thin mucus making you feel less stuffed up. Warm tea, soups or broths are also beneficial.

Try Local Honey

Some people have found relief from pollen allergies by consuming locally produced honey. It’s believed the pollen collected by the bees help your body build up an immunity. However, there are conflicting studies on honey’s effectiveness. If you think it works for you, keep doing it. Remember, honey should never be given to children under the age of one.

For more allergy relief tips, stop at your local Lewis Pharmacy and talk to one of our experts.

Get the latest offers and updates from Lewis.